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How Can You Partner


There are three ways to partner with Nate Garrett Evangelistic Ministries. The first is to pray pray pray! Pray for my family, my ministry, and for fresh vision and creativity. You can also, be praying for our calendar to fill up as well as for the book I am writing to come together.

The Second way is to help spread the word that I am available to speak. You can share this site on your social media feeds or tell pastors and youth pastors about the ministry God has called me to.

The third way is financially. Believe it or not, speaking to youth is not always as well paying as rumors might suggest. LOL! Many of the places that I speak are not able to pay anything or at the least very little. I try my hardest not to turn anyone down based on what they are or are not able to do. I let the ministries that bring me in decide what to pay (though I do require travel expenses to speak out of town.) I am able to do this because of generous supporters that offset the pay I receive from these engagements. I was able to speak 17 times in the past year at events that were non-compensating.


To give with a debit/credit card:

Go to Helping Hands and click "Ministry Project" then choose missionary and find "Nate Garrett Evangelistic Ministries"  

If you would like to give monthly by card please call (706) 754-6884 to set up a regular gift.


To give by check:

Please make the check out to Helping Hands Ministries and in the "FOR" line write "Nate Garrett Evangelistic Ministries"

Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 337
Tallulah Falls, GA 30573


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